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RC-15/ RL-15 Fork
RC-15/ RL-15 Fork
RC-15/ RL-15 ForkRC-15/ RL-15 ForkRC-15/ RL-15 Fork
RC-15/ RL-15 Fork Enlarge image
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Brand: DNM
Model: RC-15/ RL-15
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order: N/A
Total Quantity: N/A
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2018-07-05 14:11
Born for XC.
Introducing our newest design fork will going to release in late 2017. With all new look of the crown, legs, visual design, and damping systems, it is even lighter than our last generation product. For 27.5 inch tire and 15mm axle, RC/RL-15 is designed for the most bike on the market. This is a fork focused on cross mountain events. It enhanced the strength which is passed the ISO4210 test but still having a lighter weight. Air adjustable, compression and rebound adjustments give user highly customize the experience. With better turning feedback you can feel how sensitive of this fork can give you. And don’t miss our RL-15 if you are tired of stopping the bike and interrupting joy of your riding when you need turning the lockout, this remote version is your best choice.
Weight:1.67KG (3.68lb)
Wheel size:27.5
Travel:100 / 120 mm (3.9 / 4.7 inch)
Steerer tube:28.6 mm (1.13 inch) 1-1/8'' to 1.5'' (Taper)AL-7075
Drop out/Crown material : Forging, AL-6061
Stanchion:32mm (1.25inch) Material AL-7075,Dark Hard Anodized
Down tube:15mm ( 0.59 inch ) Axle x100mm Thru-axle Design AL-7075
Leg material: Aluminum-magnesium
Inner structure:Air spring
Adjustments:Rebound / Compression / Adjust High Pressure /
Remote Lock out
Brake type:Disc brakes (Post mount)
Riding style : XC
Color:Black / White