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DNM INDUSTRY CO., LTD. 克佳興業股份有限公司


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DNM Industrial Co., Ltd. (2016 Catalog)
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DNM Industrial Co., Ltd. (2016 Catalog)

Rear Shock Absorbers, Shock Manufacturer  

Shock Manufacturer Since 1976
1976     DNM Suspension was established by starting manufactured high -quality motorcycle parts (such as rear shock absorbers) for Asia & American markets.
1978     Began producing technically advanced motorcycle shocks for the Asian fixed markets.
1987     Malaysian-based factory started to manufacture motorcycle shocks for the local and America markets.
1992     Two years of intense research, began to producing MTB shock absorbers for local and American OEM.
1998     Aggressive product research and development for the past several years resulted in rapid shock technology breakthroughs. High-tech machinery acquisitions and operation enable Acecast to produce sophisticated cutting, edge DNM Suspension Systems.
2002     Traditional focus on product's excellence, experience, quality, hardware, expertise, research and development will enable Aceast and DNM brand to be the forefront of suspension technology any wher in the world!
2003     DNM Suspension presents the high - quality motorcycle shock to the USA ATV market.
2008     DNM keeps a successful business on MOTO and ATV with a extensive experience beyond the stability of DNM development on MOTO and ATV Market; In 2009, DNM will focus on the bicycle Market, expect to lead the Bicycle, MOTO and ATV market.
2009     Carrying on 2008 experience, we are mainly focus on Snowmobile & ATV market in Russia area, bicycle field in Brazil. Look ahead into the future, other than the products we have developed so far, we will also be developing other suspension related products. We hope that with our outstanding products and its excellent quality, we will continue to lead this market in the future.
2010     During the past two years, DNM has reached to a stable steady motorcycle market. Therefore, DNM will giving it our best back to Europe, U.S., South America, Russian's bicycle shock market even in the worldwide country.
DNM will play a decisive role in suspension field in the future.